Come back to nature. Seeking the perfect destination to spend a precious vacation or to make a move of a lifetime?  Many folks are looking for a place to live or vacation that can soothe their souls; and there are few places around the world that can still provide that. Honduras has many, many different options that fall into this category.


Photos of Honduras

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Although modernization has come to all big cities in the region, the truth is that life in the smaller villages and towns is still as down to earth as it was a century ago. Small cities and towns where there is plenty of respect for persons, whether local or visitors, where life still is in touch with nature, and the old farming ways. Where instead of having a bottled juice, you enjoy a fresh, natural fruit juice with an authentic taste. Where tropical fruits abound, and visitors are amazed at the variety of flavors and fruits one did not even dream existed. Honduras has all of this and more for People search for a permanent move, second homebuyers, travelers, vacationers, naturists and adventure seekers. The warmth of Honduran hospitality amazes visitors.

Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras, founded in 1536, with a gold and silver mining center, which winds around a valley and over the mountains. Tegucigalpa has a busy commercial area located along the Boulevard Morazán. The capital of Honduras is ever changing, growing, and modernizing with the times, yet still has that old country charm.

San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in Honduras, and the main gateway into the country. The city is the financial and industrial center of Honduras, and offers outstanding opportunities for travel throughout the country. First class franchise hotels and restaurants can be found in its modern metropolis. untouched paradise of Honduran Beaches, such as Roatan. Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras boasts tropical landscapes surrounded by crystal clear Caribbean waters. Roatan is often found to be as affordable, if not more affordable, than surrounding Central American countries. Come to Roatan to start loving where you live! The Honduran real estate market has a lot to offer a foreigner desiring to buy property on the beach or the island. Whether you are looking to invest in a continually booming market, purchase a second home for vacationing or to share with others, or searching for the perfect location to re-locate or retire, Honduras my just be what you are looking for with Central American charm, beauty and tropical weather at the most affordable prices and cost of living.

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